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13 things to know about Hilda Baci and her

13 things to know about Hilda Baci and her Guinness World Record Marathon Cooking 1. Her real name is Hilda Bassey Effiong. She is a young Nigerian chef from Akwa Ibom State. She owes a food brand in Lagos called "My Food by Hilda" 2. She will be cooking for 4 days non-stop. 3. She must stand to cook, she is not permitted to sit while cooking. 4. She’s not allowed to take coffee, stimulants, or any energy drink to artificially boost her energy and bodily strength while cooking 5. She's allowed to eat food, drink water or fruit juice, & take glucose 6. The cooking is taking place at Amore Gardens, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. 7. She cooks round the clock, no sleep (Morning, afternoon, evening, and night. So, for 4 nights, she won't sleep) 8. She has just 5 minutes rest per hour [meaning for every 1 hour, she is entitled to just 5 minutes rest or break, that's an hour break in every 12 hours]. Other sources claim She gets a 30-minute break every 6 hours, she spends the 30mins in a medical van which is just close by, within which she can nap, use the restroom, and also get a medical assessment or checkup by the medical team available on the spot. 9. Whatever she cooks is shared to the people at the venue for FREE. She is not selling the food. 10. She cooks different meals simultaneously. She is at liberty to cook any meal she likes. There are no restrictions as to what she can cook or not cook. The World Record title is about cooking within a time frame, not about what is cooked. As long as she is cooking, she is on track. 11. Every meal cooked and every plate served is recorded. She has cooked over 115 meals so far with almost 3,000 portions if not more by the time you are reading this. 12. She started the cooking on Thursday and is expected to complete the target time frame by Monday 15th May, 2023 evening. 13. The current holder of the title Hilda seeks to break is an Indian chef Lata Tandon, who set a Guinness She has broke the record which has already be confirmed
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